$725 – Pre cat Palmer window cue

  • Length – 57.5 and 58 inches
  • Shafts – 5/16×18 pin – 12.8 mm and 12.75 mm shafts
  • Weight – 24.4 and 24.2 ounces
  • This is a pre cat Palmer cue with an additional shaft from the first catalog that fits perfect. The cue is in original condition with original finish and the original wrap. Inside the window, it says Original by Palmer and the initials J.B. The shafts and butt are all straight when together and apart. We did install 2 new period correct Lepro tips on the shafts. The cue is in really nice original condition. For its age, the finish and wrap are slightly worn, and there are no real noticeable nicks or dings.

$725 – Scot Sherbine cue – MOP notched diamond inlays

  • Length – 58.5 inches
  • Shafts – 5/16×14 pin – 13.1 mm shaft
  • Weight – 18.9 ounces
  • This is a Scot Sherbine Sneaky Pete just finished up. It has mop notched diamond inlays in each point. It also has a white delrin butt cap with the SS logo, and an ivorine joint. The ferrule is Aegis, and the tip is a Triangle.

$1700 – Jerry Terbrock cue w/2 shafts mint condition – amboyna burl

  • Length – 58.5 inches
  • Shafts – radial pin 13.08mm and 12.61mm
  • Weight – 19.8 ounces and 19.3 ounces
  • This is a Jerry Terbrock cue. He is a cue maker out of St. Louis MO. The cue was just refinished here due to some light play, but probably didn’t need it. It features 6 amboyna burl points (3 high and 3 low) w/black and white veneers, decorative ringwork, and a sharp birdseye maple handle. The butt and both shafts are straight together and apart. One shaft has very little play, and the other has no play. This cue would be a great addition to any player or collector.

$300 Bling Bling Giuseppe 1×2 cue case – you are buying pure class

This is the flashiest case that has ever been made. It has been in our collection here for about 20 years. It is new old stock. People will line up to play you when you walk into the room with this case. We almost hate to get rid of it, we’ve never seen anything like it before. It brings a smile to your face every time.