Ebony Titlist custom Palmer cue

Palmer custom cues was started in 1964 in Elizabeth New Jersey. Early models were not marked. Some models had the gold foil that said original by Palmer in the window. Later models had Palmer on the butt cap, and also Palmer custom cue on the butt cap.

This is an example of cue repair and cue refinishing work (not for sale) that has been done here at Proficient Billiards. Cue refinishing usually takes about 2 weeks depending on workload. Call 717.4788.CUE for your cue repair needs.

$725 – Pre cat Palmer window cue

  • Length – 57.5 and 58 inches
  • Shafts – 5/16×18 pin – 12.8 mm and 12.75 mm shafts
  • Weight – 24.4 and 24.2 ounces
  • This is a pre cat Palmer cue with an additional shaft from the first catalog that fits perfect. The cue is in original condition with original finish and the original wrap. Inside the window, it says Original by Palmer and the initials J.B. The shafts and butt are all straight when together and apart. We did install 2 new period correct Lepro tips on the shafts. The cue is in really nice original condition. For its age, the finish and wrap are slightly worn, and there are no real noticeable nicks or dings.