Sawdust cue w/12.9mm Predator Revo shaft – SOLD

We had a Sawdust cue here at the shop without any shafts. But as luck would have it, we have a brand new 12.9mm Predator Revo that fits perfectly on it. The cue is in really nice shape (see pics). There is slight finish settling at the ringwork. The cue is straight together and apart.

Weight – 19.7oz
Shaft diameter – 12.9mm
Length – 58.5″

Herman Rambow cue made for John Mortensen

Herman Rambow was a cue maker who began making cues in 1915 out of Chicago Illinois. Rambo cues are marked on the shafts and or the forearm of the cue. Rambo cues did not have Stoppers.

This is an example of cue repair and cue refinishing work (not for sale) that has been done here at Proficient Billiards. Cue refinishing usually takes about 2 weeks depending on workload.