One Rack Friday – week 3

One Rack Friday week 3. We take time out on Fridays to shoot one rack of pool for bragging rights for the week. Sorry about the front facing camera reverse image footage. I am no video guy. So now 3 things learned. No music, no 4k UHD, and no front cameras on Facebook Live. Oh and I guess a ball on the break would be nice too. Matt – 2 / Scot – 1

These are some of the cues shipped today.

Tim Scruggs and Richard Harris cue
Summers cue
Mike Lambros cue
Pete Tascarella cue

There is other stuff too that went out, but we don’t take pics of shaft work and some other things.  If any of these are your cues you should see them in a day or so.  Or check your email for tracking information.

Think I have a new favorite inlay this week.

When this Tim Scruggs cue arrived Matt was saying how much he liked it.  I wasn’t paying much attention, but now that I’m working on it I have to say I really dig the spears on top of the notched diamonds.  Points have similar inlays.  We will be sure to post the finished work in the gallery when done.

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Proficient Billiards Customer Feedback / Reviews

  • Received my Rambow cue yesterday. It looks great … thanks for the fine work.
    Can’t wait to play with it.

    Jerry Sxxxx
  • Hi guys!
    2nd southwest I’ve had that was refinished by you-couldn’t have come out better!
    chuck zxxxxxxx
  • Received the Greg Hearn cue back today. Great job!! Will send more cues your way.

    Thanks again,

    Jay Heying
  • One word….PERFECT.

    It’s the only word I can use to describe the work you did on my Southwest.I never thought it would turn out so nice especially with the gouge in the butt. You did an excellent job and have a loyal customer for life.

    Thanks Again,

    Rob D.

  • The cue made it here today! The box was a little dinged but the cue survived fine. I just hit a few balls with it and it really hits nice and crisp even with the relatively soft Talisman medium I sent you. This really seems to be a excellent cue for someone getting started or an accomplished player. (which, unfortunately, I’m not) I can think of several people I play with who would love to have it when they see it. If you would like to use my opinion as an endorsement for them, feel free. I regard to second shafts, do you need the butt to fit it or are they interchangeable? Considering a second shat which I should have probably done in the first place, anyway.


  • Your work is fantastic. It’s now looking like a brand new cue!!
    I will mail out Timmy’s cue with 6 shafts by this week.
    I think Timmy’s cue need to be rewrap with Irish Linen. One shaft’s broken on 
    the joint part. I don’t know if it could be fixed or not.
    The butt cap needs to be repair as well. 
    Once I send out the package, I will inform you by email. 

    Have a great day!!
  • Let me begin by saying that the rumor mill was true, “they told me that you were fast, efficient and one of the best cue refinisher in the business”. I was in need of a shaft, as a typical billiard enthusiast, my need was overwhelming because of a up coming tournament. In less than a week, the cue shaft was in my hand. The shaft hit solid, fit tight and nicely tapered. 

  • just received the 2nd Palmer back and it looks just as great as the
    1st one. You are truly a master. I would highly recommend your services to
    anyone wishing to have their cue become born again.

    Once again, thx….

    Terry E Lxxxxxx
  • Just a short note to let you know that the R1 shoots beautifully and it
    has become my primary shooting cue. Thanks again!!


    RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom
  • Hi Scot,

    Just received the 1995 Jerry Franklin Southwest cue you refinished. All I can say is WOW! Looks and feels brand new. Great work!

  • I looked on your site at the Joss Wests, if that one is mine you get a ABSOLUTELY FIRST RATE JOB. Rich 
    Rich L
  • My Cog arrived today safe and sound. You did a great job as usual. Thanks
    a lot. I have sent a money order today. Take care……..Chuck Gxxxxx
  • Greetings Scott,
    Bludworth arrived today, it’s a beauty. Thanks for the prompt service. I shot some practice drills with it and like the results. 

    Regards, Rod 
  • I’m quite excited to see your work first hand — a remarkable number of collectors advertise that you have refinished their cues, and the work looks to be top notch in each case. Again, thanks, and I’ll get the cue to you as soon as possible. Nik
  • I got the Capone on Saturday like you said, and I love it!!! Thanks alot for everything, and hopefully we’ll do more business in the future. Thanks again Scott!!!!

    Eric xxxx
  • Scot, thanks so much for the great job on 2 new shafts and tips for my It’s
    George Cue. The one week turnaround time was unexpected. I run two large leagues twice a week so I come across a lot of players. I will certainly recommend you for any repairs needed or refinishing.
    Claude Cxxxxxx
    Waltham, Ma.
  • scott, thanks for the great work you did on the huebler cue i gave you. I just saw the pictures on your site and they look great. Sean has the cue and called me to tell me it looks good and I thought I would check out your site. I really appreciate all the work and time you put into this cue. I know it was in pretty bad shape when I gave it to you but know it looks brand new. Great Job! I look forward to doing business with you again.

    Jeff Hxxxxx
  • Dear Proficient Billiards website visitors:

    This message is more for you folks than for Scott. Scott just refinished my Palmer with the Burton Spain forearm. As always, the end result exceeds expectations. He should have done a before and after to illustrate how a mangy mutt can become a show dog. He had accomplished this miracle once before, on my Palmer with the purple heart titlist butt. 

    The most recent job is my 4th experience with Scott. I collect nice cues and have no hesitation trusting him with any of them. Not only is the finish work and repair work of OEM or better quality at considerably lower cost, I am constantly amazed at how quickly he turns it around. If you’ve ever dealt with certain prima donna cue makers, you know exactly what I mean. I own the fabulous black and white Chris Nitti one of a kind and the Josswest that was originally built for Chris Nitti. These and the two Palmers mentioned above can be seen on this website in the “examples” section. As in most cases, as nice as the pics may appear, the cues look even better. 

    This part of the message is for Scott—–Thanks.
    Bernie Brown
    Orlando, Fl
  • What an excellent job! You have breathed new life into my old “Originals”. The Predator shaft with my original trim rings looks like it was born that way, simply the best. The butt section is unreal, it looks spectacular. Fresh new wrap, all that old dark stain is gone, and I can see the details of the grain and inlays. The clearcoat is thick and flawless and I love it. A super, super job. 

    As you predicted, the way it plays is astonishing. The longer shaft and increased weight changes the whole dynamic of balance and energy. It feels flexible, but also charged with strength. As I predicted, I was playing within an hour of delivery! It just plays great and that’s all there is to it. I like the idea of merging the old-tech with the new-tech, it has resulted in something really special for me. Any other work I may have is going to you.

    Please consider me a happily satisfied customer.


  • We received the cue on Wednesday. It is absolutely beautiful, and hits better than any cue we have played with. It’s been hard to put it down. It is a great addition to our collection and “arsenal”. The only problem we have is trying to decide which one of us gets to use it. Just one question I need to ask though, before it’s too late…….is there anything that we can or should do to preserve the lizard wrap to keep it from getting all grimy or

    sticky? Thanks for a great transaction, positive feedback will be left.

    Dena and Jerry
  • I received the Libra last night and it looks great. I really love the way it looks and plays. If I decide to have any other cues refinished I will definitely be send them to you as well as letting friends know where mine was refinished. Cedric
  • Just tried the cue with both shafts this weekend. Looks very nice, and plays well too. The Triangle tips with bases make a good combination with a cue with no bumper; softens an otherwise hard hit. Don’t know how you di the work so fast.
    Thanks much,

  • This is the first chance I’ve had since I got back from Kentucky to see the Tad that you refinished for me. The cue looks great. I’ll be sending you a couple more in the next week or so. Thanks again. 
    Sincerely, Roger Wxxxxx
  • I received my cue today & I have to say that I am quite amazed. I purchased it through ebay & I was a little disappointed when I got it because it was pretty rough. I am certainly happy that I found your website because you did a wonderful, wonderful job with it. Thank you very much for all of your hard work. 

  • I just got my cue back. Thank you! The job you did in refinishing my cue is OUTSTANDING. I appreciate the quick turnaround.

  • I just got the cue and it looks fantastic. The cue looks better than when I got it. I will be sending you a couple more of my cues to take care of real soon. Thanks again, AC.
  • I hope that these few lines find you well. I picked up my cue this morning from UPS. I am very pleased with your work. The cue looks mint, to be almost 30 years old. What would you sale the value of this cue approximates? I’m trying to hunt down Helmstetter’s email address to find out the exact year of manufacture and how many were made.
  • I just wanted to write and let you know that I have received the Joel Hercek cue that I ordered from you on Wednesday. The cue looks great. I only had a chance to hit a couple of balls with it last night, but it seems to play great. Thanks for everything you did to get the cue in my hands.

    Adam C. Cxxxx
  • Got my cue earlier this week and I just wanted to say how surprised I was about the quick turn around time. The cue looks great and despite a rewrap being a simple job, the work done was flawless. Add me to the already long list of satisfied customers. If you remember, I purchased one of your sneaky petes and its one of my favorite cues to play with. If you ever start making custom cues, I’ll be first in line to place an order. Thanks again,

    Mike L.
  • I received my cue last week, as expected (the JossWest)… It looks magnificent, and plays to match. I couldn’t find any traces of the former discoloration on the forearm, and was rather amazed to actually see the grain in the black points. The shaft that you made for it is, of course, excellent — you were right, the ring on the joint isn’t exactly the same size, but one very nearly needs a ruler to notice the difference. The old spare shaft, also, has never been better — I can’t believe you got it to fit so precisely at the joint! Anyhow, thank you once again, I couldn’t be happier with the job you did (and the fast turnaround!), and will certainly offer referrals if I am asked. Now that the cue looks this good, I have been inspired to start playing again… 

    Regards, Nik
  • got the cue yesterday. perfect, just as you described. looks and plays great. unfortunately, i still play bad. anyway, thanks for all the help. if i need or see anything you will be first person i call 

  • While studying for a map test for my American Government class, my newly 
    refurbished Meucci cue arrived by Fed Ex. I tried to restrain myself from 
    opening the package, but after trying without success to return to my 
    studies, I found myself searching for the scissors to open the box!

    The cue looks great! This cue did not look this good when it was new 19 
    years ago! The finish is perfect. The wrap is smooth and even with the butt. 
    The wording on the foremarm and the namename plate are not only intact, but 
    they gleem under the light!

    The original shaft looks and feels great. I cannot find where you repaired 
    the joint ring!

    Lastly, the Predator shaft you picked up and match fitted to the joint is 
    PERFECT! It actually fits better that the original shaft! The Moori tip you 
    put on is also great. This cue plays much better with the new shaft!

    The only complaint I harbor is the cue looks too good! I almost do not want 
    to play with it for fear of dinging or messing up your great work! I’ll be 
    sending another cue to you in the next 3-4 months for the same treatment. 
    Thank you for taking you time to make everything perfect!

    Respectfully thankful,

    Daniel Cxxxxx
  • I just received the cue it’s better than it looked in pic. hits fantastic beautifull job refinishing just great.
    Thanks again for working with me you guys are great Thanks Jim
  • Package received. Thank you.
    Looking forward to the next business with you.
    Please get some news on the Coster ASAP, thanks.
  • the cues were received last night…great packing job and no problems 
    whatsoever with FedEx. You did a super job on both cues, and the Tibbitts 
    finish around the rings looks great!!!

    Thank you for the excellent work and quick turnaround.

  • I was cruising your web-site when I came across a Palmer I purchased from you Apr.15-01. Although I do not know exact designation by number, (appears to be a custom order), I wanted you to know that it still looks as good as the day you refinished it. Cue is Palmer # 1- sixth row down left to right first four pictures. You do the highest quality work I have seen anywhere. I take great pride in knowing I can refer to the best in the business. Regards, Rod
  • Scot, it’s me. It feels great in my hands, it plays great, I don’t want to play with anything else, it perfect for me. You have done a excellent job in all aspects, helping me find it, refinishing it, and photographing it. This cue is something special and it will play a role in establishing the direction of my personal collection. I’m glad our paths crossed. 
    Rich Lxxxxxxxx
  • hi again ,just got back my adams cue,the blackstone,great job looks like new .looks 5 times better than when you got it.i currently own 5 cues you have done all are excepenal work ,ihave the lufstanza,gandy and three adams two are on site.feel free to post any of my cues on your gallery,have given several people your email address,thanks again .craig a mxxxxxxxx
  • Cue was delivered yesterday, Needless to say the craftsmanship was unbelievable. The MOP ring adds a bit of class to the “sneaky pete”. The cue hits solid and crisp. My South West and Mottey are going in storage, this cue will be my full-time player!

    If you wish please add this e-mail to your testimonial page.

    Lastly some questions on B Szamboti cues. I’ve never hit w/ one. As a beginning cue collector, in your opinion, how do they hit and feel? Are they comparable to a Mottey or Tascarella? Are they a must have?

    Thanks again

    Mike Lxxxx
  • I received the Schon that I had purchased from an eBay seller and had shipped directly to you for repair work. I am not totally sure how it looked before but I can tell you it looks perfect now, the finish and wrap work are 2nd to none and the price was extremely reasonable. Keep up the great work and prompt service, you are great to do business with which is nice to see in the cue repair world!

    I am looking to ship a couple more cues down for repair in the near future.


    Scott Sxxxxx
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada

  • Just received my Palmer and Anderson cues. What a fantastic job. The Palmer far exceeded by expectations. This cue not only plays great but now looks and feels great.

    You did an outstanding job on the Anderson shafts. I can’t believe how you were able to straighten out the one shaft. The only problem now is that I like both shafts and can’t decide which plays better.

    Not only did you do a gerat job, but the work was done quickly!!

    I am sending you my other Palmer to refinish and cut a new shaft.

    Thank you for doing such a great job.

  • Got the cue yesterday. Perfect work (fixing the A joint), finish and wrap!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!

  • I just received my Huebler AS-H5 back from Proficient Billards and it is absolutely beautiful. Before pic on left shows distress mark near the wrap and abrasions from who knows what? After pic on right shows the whole cue. Wrap cleaned and re-pressed, new ‘Cue by Huebler’ decal, new ivorine ferrule and LePro tip. 9 days out and back along with a Meucci shaft that I had finished and collar matched. Anybody wanting excellent restoration services….look no further….these are the guys to get it done.
    Jim G.
  • I,m the owner of Predator Cue that which I\’ thought was totally un-repairable,
    Well I\’ just want to thank you for your services, Your Work is understated, I\’ was emailing you at 1st to thank you and suggest using my cue in your examples web page but I\’ see it\’s already listed. Now I\’ can describe to other players you work with your web-page,
    Because a picture really is worth a 1000 words.
    (see total wrecks)
    Thank\’s Again,
    GB Mxxxxxx

Cinderella Story: Black Boar Cue

A guy contacts us about a cue he bought at an online Facebook yard sale and sure enough it is a Black Boar that I had refinished about 20 years ago for a local and one of the countries largest cue collectors, Abe Wambold. Abe had the joint laser etched and had a jeweler inlay diamonds in the ivory stars. The cue is sans logo because the butt cap is ivory. After Abe had passed away we helped the family sell off the billiards side of the estate. This cue was set aside as a keepsake for the family as it was one of his personal playing cues. Well so all that said the cue ended up online. The guy who bought it (a wounded in combat veteran – thank you for your service) brought it in to get the cue polished and wrap cleaned and pressed. Real nice guy, after the work ended up going across the street to the VFW and put back some beers and played a few games of pool. I said you don’t have to answer, but don’t mind if I ask how much did you pay for this? He bought this, a McDermott cue, and a leather case that they were all in for…… a hundred and fifty bucks ($150). SMH Oh my. God Bless America!

The fellow who owns it is a fan of this page and gave permission to tell this incredible story. Full photo shoot found in our gallery at…