Cinderella Story: Black Boar Cue

A guy contacts us about a cue he bought at an online Facebook yard sale and sure enough it is a Black Boar that I had refinished about 20 years ago for a local and one of the countries largest cue collectors, Abe Wambold. Abe had the joint laser etched and had a jeweler inlay diamonds in the ivory stars. The cue is sans logo because the butt cap is ivory. After Abe had passed away we helped the family sell off the billiards side of the estate. This cue was set aside as a keepsake for the family as it was one of his personal playing cues. Well so all that said the cue ended up online. The guy who bought it (a wounded in combat veteran – thank you for your service) brought it in to get the cue polished and wrap cleaned and pressed. Real nice guy, after the work ended up going across the street to the VFW and put back some beers and played a few games of pool. I said you don’t have to answer, but don’t mind if I ask how much did you pay for this? He bought this, a McDermott cue, and a leather case that they were all in for…… a hundred and fifty bucks ($150). SMH Oh my. God Bless America!

The fellow who owns it is a fan of this page and gave permission to tell this incredible story. Full photo shoot found in our gallery at…

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