SOLD – 1989 Phillippi Cue w/2 Shafts – Ivory and Leather

  • Length – 59 inches
  • Shafts – 5/16×14 pin – 12.5mm (ivory) and 12.65mm
  • Weight – 20.2 ounces and 20.5 ounces
  • This is a 1989 Phillippi cue w/2 shafts. All of the white inlay work is ivory, and so is one of the ferrules. The cue was just refinished here due to some finish settling. It spent most of its life in collection and looks like new. It has 4 points and 4 veneers. The butt and both shafts are straight together and apart. It would look great in any collection or could be a dangerous weapon on the table. 

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