One Rack Friday – week 3

One Rack Friday week 3. We take time out on Fridays to shoot one rack of pool for bragging rights for the week. Sorry about the front facing camera reverse image footage. I am no video guy. So now 3 things learned. No music, no 4k UHD, and no front cameras on Facebook Live. Oh and I guess a ball on the break would be nice too. Matt – 2 / Scot – 1

These are some of the cues shipped today.

Tim Scruggs and Richard Harris cue
Summers cue
Mike Lambros cue
Pete Tascarella cue

There is other stuff too that went out, but we don’t take pics of shaft work and some other things.  If any of these are your cues you should see them in a day or so.  Or check your email for tracking information.

Think I have a new favorite inlay this week.

When this Tim Scruggs cue arrived Matt was saying how much he liked it.  I wasn’t paying much attention, but now that I’m working on it I have to say I really dig the spears on top of the notched diamonds.  Points have similar inlays.  We will be sure to post the finished work in the gallery when done.